23 May 2020 - We are currently operating at a 7-10 day turnaround time.

Stuck for a gift idea for your family member?  Perhaps it's Mum and Dad or even Grandparents.  

What better gift is there than the gift of memories?  So many families have collections of 35mm slide images stored in a shoe box in the loft.  Sat there gathering dust and slowly degenerating.  Can you imagine sitting around a computer on Christmas Day and going through often forgotten images from Christmas past?

At Slides on DVD we can turn these 35mm images into fresh, crisp digital images.  They are exactly as if you took them on a digital camera today.  You can print them, share them, email them and most importantly ENJOY them.

Prices start at just 27p per 35mm slide image if you order in bulk.  However at 30p per image on smaller orders it is a very affordable gift.  So you could have 100 images scanned for just £30 plus P&P.

If you are unsure about the quality of our scans then please feel free to take advantage of our totally free trial service.  You can read more about this by clicking here.

We also offer a gift voucher services.  This suits those who perhaps don't have access to their family slide collection.  You can read more on our gift vouchers by clicking here.

Please explore our website where you should find answers to all of your many questions.  If you are still unsure or wish to discuss in person then please feel free to contact us on 01525 875349 or via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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